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Düsseldorf Friedrichstadt: Pedestrians Trapped Under A Tram – Critically Injured

Düsseldorf Friedrichstadt: Pedestrians trapped under a tram – critically injured The message took us all …


A tram the line 709, which was traveling in the direction of the Düsseldorf main station, collided on Friday evening (29. 10.) around 18: 39 Clock on Graf Adolf-Strasse with a pedestrian. The man got under the train. When the rescue workers arrived at the accident site at Pionierstrasse, the victim was trapped under the front part of the tram. An emergency doctor and the paramedics immediately took over the medical care of the critically injured person. At the same time, the firefighters prepared the technical rescue of the man. To do this, parts of the cladding in the front area of ​​the tram had to be removed. Only then, in close coordination with the rescue service, could the train be lifted using pneumatic and hydraulic lifting devices and the victim could be pulled out. The 40 -year-old man was transported to a hospital. No passengers on the tram were affected by the accident. The 61 -year-old tram driver was looked after by emergency paramedics and emergency chaplains throughout the entire deployment. The police have started investigations to clarify the accident. Since the course of the accident is still unclear, please contact the police witnesses at the traffic inspectorate on the telephone number 0211 – 8700. (updated 30. 10. 2021, 15: 43 How did you find the article \? Write us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

Moers: Road Construction In Moers: This Creates Costs For Residents

Moers: Road construction in Moers: Here there are costs for residents This report surprised us …


Updated: 31. 10. 2021, 14: 00 In Moers streets are being redeveloped in two parts of the city (symbol image). Local residents have to contribute to the costs, the city announced. Photo: Laura Dicke / FUNKE Photo Services Moers. Road renovations are pending in two districts of Moers. According to the city, residents have to contribute to the costs. The plans are currently online. In the Eick-West and Vennikel districts of Moers, roadways are being rehabilitated, and residents have to contribute to the costs. The city has now sent written information to those affected. The carriageway of the Erzgebirgsstraße will be completely renovated. At the confluence with Oderstrasse, the existing curbs will be supplemented with elements for blind and partially sighted people. The spruce, maple, acacia and poplar roads are also being completely renovated. On the Acacia, Spruce and Poplar Road, the previously unpaved sidewalk areas will also be paved. Plans are available up to and including 15. November online: Contact:, 02841 / 201550. More articles from this category can be found here: Moers and the surrounding area How did you find the article \? Send us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

Burglaries In Lank-Latum – Homeowners Surprise Perpetrators

– Burglaries in Lank-Latum – Homeowners surprise perpetrators The article surprised me …


On Wednesday evening (27.10.), against 19: 14 clock, burglar levered the patio door of a family house on the street “ Kaldenberg ”. When the owner unlocked the front door, he heard noises from the unlit house. The Meerbuscher did the right thing. He left the house, called the police emergency number 110 and waited a safe distance for the emergency services. The search of the house by the police did not lead to the arrest of the intruders. According to initial findings, the perpetrators managed to escape via a balcony on the upper floor without loot. A personal description is not available. That same evening around 20: 30 o’clock, there was an attempted break-in in a single-family house on the forest path. The sleeping resident was awakened by suspicious noises and, looking out the window, saw two dark-clad people running away across the back garden. The burglars did not get into the house and fled in an unknown direction without prey. Police investigations have so far been unsuccessful. The burglary commissioner has started the investigation and is also examining a possible connection. Witnesses are asked to contact the detective office 14 Report to. The experts from the Criminal Police Department for Prevention and Victim Protection offer competent and free lectures on burglary protection in their advice center. Interested citizens can find out here how they can secure their home and receive manufacturer-neutral advice. Take advantage of the advice offered by your police and put a „stop to burglars!“ +++ Group advice on burglary protection +++ On the coming Wednesday evenings, at 18, there will be lectures in the advice center on Jülicher Landstrasse 178, Neuss, instead. These take about 90 minutes. Prior registration by phone 02131 300 – 25518 or 02131 300 – 25522 is absolutely necessary. Due to the current pandemic situation, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 people. The dates take place with a minimum of 5 participants. The 3-G rule applies! Further information can also be found on the website of your police: +++ Telephone advice on the coming Sunday +++ A special service is the telephone burglary advice on Sunday (31. 10.). The technical advisor of the Criminal Police Department for Prevention and Victim Protection, Mr. Rainer Ippers, will be on this day, in the time from 9: 00 until 16: 00 O’clock, citizens interested in burglary protection are available to answer questions on the phone. Mr Ippers can be reached – and not only on this day – under the phone number 02131 300 – 25518 . If he is currently in conversation, you can send him a callback request by email to: So take action on Sunday (31. 10.) to the telephone receiver and find out from the police experts how you can literally put a stop to burglars. . . How did you find this post \? Send us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

Düsseldorf Benrath: Fire In The Warehouse Spreads The Smell Of Incense Sticks In The District

Düsseldorf Benrath: Fire in the warehouse spreads the smell of incense sticks in the district The article took something away from us all …


Um 18: 03 on Thursday evening (28. 10.) the fire brigade control center received a report of a fire in a commercial enterprise on Hildener Strasse in Düsseldorf Benrath. On site, the emergency services were able to detect a fire in the area of ​​a warehouse. A fire fighting team advanced to the scene of the fire wearing breathing protection. Since incense sticks were also affected by the fire in the warehouse, a Christmas smell spread over the site and in the immediate vicinity. A fire fighting team wearing respiratory protection quickly brought the fire under control. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the fire brigade, the fire could be brought under control within a very short time. The fire brigade prevented it from spreading to other areas of the company. Nobody got hurt. During the extinguishing measures, there were traffic disruptions in the Hildener Straße area. The police have taken over investigations into the cause of the fire. How did you find the Post \? Write us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

Crime: District Manager Warns: Attempted Fraud In Moers-Meerbeck

– Crime: District manager warns: attempted fraud in Moers-Meerbeck This report was a bit pleased …


In Moerser Meerbeck there was an attempt at fraud (symbol image). Photo: Hans Blossey / Moers. There was an attempted fraud in the Moers district of Meerbeck. It’s about the district office. The woman concerned reacted correctly. “We don’t have traditional door-to-door sales. And when we ring the bell somewhere, we identify ourselves. So please be careful, ”warns Jens Franken, district manager in Moers for Meerbeck and Hochstraß. At the moment there are obviously fake employees of the Neu_Meerbeck district office. A woman from Meerbeck immediately reported the attempted fraud to the police and the real employees, as reported by the city of Moers. Fortunately, the woman did not allow the alleged employee access. “That was exactly the right reaction,” says Jens Franken, relieved, according to the announcement. More articles from this category can be found here: Moers and the surrounding area How did you find the news ? Write us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

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