Schlagwort: Diebtahl: Diebstahl in Moers: Enkel des Opfers lenkt Polizei zur Spur

Theft: Theft In Moers: Grandson Of The Victim Directs The Police To The Trail

– Theft: Theft in Moers: Grandson of the victim directs the police to the trail The article pleased me a little …


Updated: 19. 10. 2021, 12: 30 Icon image. Photo: Olaf Fuhrmann / FUNKE Photo Services Moers. Two pickpockets would have thought otherwise. After stealing from an elderly woman, her grandson practically convicted her. Two young pickpockets from Moers probably didn’t expect that: Thanks to a GPS tracker, police officers are the 14 – and 17 -year-old women discovered the stealth. The officers found the digital tracking device and valuables in their bags and bags on Saturday when they were in a shop on Neuer Wall. The police authority announced on Tuesday. The suspects had at 12. 40 at the front door of a 95 – Waited for year olds on Arminiusstrasse. The elderly woman put her rollator and handbag down in the hallway. Meanwhile, the women asked the old lady if they could come into the hallway because it was so cold outside. The resident agreed. »Read More How did you find the article \? Send us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

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