Schlagwort: Düsseldorf Carlstadt: Weißes Geisterrad erinnert an verstorbene Radfahrerin

Düsseldorf Carlstadt: White Ghost Bike Reminds Of A Deceased Cyclist

Düsseldorf Carlstadt: White ghost bike reminds of a deceased cyclist The article pleased me …


Tuesday, 26. October 2021, 09: 47 a.m. 23 – year old cyclist became so heavy this morning due to the collision with the Mercedes A-Class of a 72 – year old injured that she succumbed to her injuries on site. Report from the Düsseldorf police Lerke Tyra has a lump in his throat. „I ask you for a minute of silence for Emma,“ says the chairwoman of the ADFC Düsseldorf. Knapp 40 cyclists fall silent and look at the Ghost Bike, a completely white painted bicycle that is attached to a pole on the corner of Haroldstraße / Schwanenmarkt. Candles are in front of the white wheel. A bouquet of red roses is tied to the luggage rack. The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) Düsseldorf commemorates this Saturday (20. 11.) of the young woman who died here less than a month ago. Lerke Tyra, chairwoman of the ADFC Düsseldorf, recalls the fatal accident of Emma (23). “The young cyclist, Emma, ​​did everything right,” says Lerke Tyra. According to the police report, the driver saw the end of a traffic jam too late and wanted to avoid the collision to the right. On the bike path. To where Emma cycled. With the snow-white bicycle, the ADFC does not just want to commemorate the cyclists who died in Düsseldorf’s traffic. Cyclists are “hidden”. They are also intended to be a visual warning to all road users. People who cycle are still not perceived by drivers as equal road users. And when it comes down to it – just overlooked. This is not a presumption, but the information from the officers of the Düsseldorf police headquarters, who deal with the topic of accident prevention and accident avoidance. Because cyclists are not a potential hazard for people in metal boxes, they are often simply hidden. The snow-white ghost bike on the corner of Haroldstrasse and Schwanenmarkt is the third that the ADFC Düsseldorf has set up as a reminder. At the 27. February 2020 a 53 year old cyclist was run over by a truck on the corner of Werdener and Mindener Strasse and died at the scene of the accident. At the 27. October 2020 a 83 -year-old cyclist also got under a truck on the corner of Ulmenstrasse and Johannstrasse and died a little later. Scarce space on Düsseldorf’s streets When it comes to the scarce space on Düsseldorf’s streets again, Lerke Tyra and the others from ADFC Düsseldorf will demand safe bike paths in the city, not half-hearted compromises. But today – before the ghost bike – there is a silent memory of Emma, ​​the native Luxembourger who lived in Düsseldorf, did nothing wrong and died on the asphalt on a street corner in this city. How did you find the message ? Send us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

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