Schlagwort: Düsseldorf Flingern-Nord: Sondereinsatz für die Feuerwehr – Mädchen von Pfanne befreit

Düsseldorf Flingern-Nord: Special Duty For The Fire Brigade – Girl Freed From Pan

– Dusseldorf Flingern-Nord: Special mission for the fire brigade – girl freed from pan The article took me a little bit …


In the highest Not the parents of a five-year-old girl elected on Monday morning (18. 10.) To 10: 24 o’clock the emergency call of the fire brigade. Her daughter’s index finger was stuck in the stainless steel handle of a frying pan. After trying in vain for over half an hour to free the child, the fire brigade had to help. The emergency services moved to the family’s apartment on Schwelmer Strasse in Flingern Nord. The attempts of the parents with detergent and cooling to solve the predicament of the 5-year-olds had not been successful, so the rescue workers tried it with a small cordless power cutter. With this they first carefully separated the handle from the frying pan. The finger was then released using the so-called string method. A thread was threaded through between the finger and the hole in the frying pan handle and then wrapped tightly around the finger. Thus the handle of the pan could be pushed slowly with circular movements over the finger wrapped with the thread and the girl could be freed. The emergency doctor examined the child, who, however, unharmed, was hugged by the parents. The mission was over after around 60 minutes. How did you find the Post \? Write us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

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