Schlagwort: Kirche: Ihr Weg führte von Paris und Lissabon nach Moers-Schwafheim

Church: Your Way Led From Paris And Lisbon To Moers-Schwafheim

– Church: Your way led from Paris and Lisbon to Moers-Schwafheim The article surprised us a bit …


Updated : 21. 11. 2021, 14: 00 | Reading time: 3 minutes Pastor Kirsten-Luisa Wegmann at her last service in Dinslaken. Photo: Erwin Pottgiesser / FUNKE Photo Services Moers. The Protestant parish in Moers-Schwafheim gets a new pastor on the 1st of Advent. It wasn’t just in Dinslaken and Paris before. It starts on the 1st of Advent for Pastor Kirsten-Luisa Wegmann: „I’m looking forward to Schwafheim, this lively congregation that I’ve already got to know on many visits,“ she says. The introduction to the pastor’s office takes place on Sunday, 28. November, Superintendent Wolfram Syben. The service in the village church, Ackerstraße 180, starts at 9 a.m. 30. And this is the „new one: Kirsten- Luisa Wegmann was born 1969 in Soest. She grew up in Oberhausen-Sterkrade. “As a young participant in the children’s church service and a group of girls, I grew straight into the church. Later I became a team leader in groups for teenagers and young adults. ”The first stop was Paris. After graduating from high school, she went to Paris as an au pair and attended a language course at the Sorbonne University for two semesters. Then she wanted to enroll there to study medicine, although theology was already in the air. The summer representation as sexton of the German Evangelical Congregation gave time to think. In retrospect, Wegmann says: “In conversations with the parish couple, it became clear to me what my heart was really beating for.” She returned to Germany and studied theology in Wuppertal and Marburg. Her vicariate – the practical training after her theoretical studies – took her to Solingen. After ordination, the official vocation to be a pastor, she went to Lisbon for a year as a vicar abroad. “That shaped me a lot. The Protestants there are in an extreme minority. I helped out in other parishes, worked at school and visited Germans in Portuguese prisons as a pastor. Highlight: A mission as part of the seaman’s mission on a ship and discussions with the international crew. I also experienced the great poverty in the city and supported the diaconal aid projects of the German community. ”Then came Dinslaken. Back in Germany, her path as a pastor led to employment in Wuppertal-Uellendahl. Since the year 2006 she has been active in Dinslaken, where she is also a member of the district synodal board, which leads the church district. “I am grateful for the many good years in Dinslaken and especially Lohberg, which I have grown particularly fond of; of course the parting is painful. But I’m also really looking forward to Schwafheim, as nice and joyful as I was greeted, ”says the new pastor. Here she will baptize children, marry lovers, and teach young people the basics of the Christian faith in confirmation class. She will visit the sick, accompany the dying and stand by the grieving. “I will definitely work in school and kindergarten,” she announces. In Schwafheim you will not only see her at work, but also on her bike, her favorite means of transport. And on walks with her Sardinian “ex-stray”, who will soon get to know his new home with a sniff. “He’s going to be Schwafheimer now too,” she says and laughs. You can find more articles from this category here: Moers and the surrounding area How did you find the article \? Write us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

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