Schlagwort: Trickdiebinnen haben es auf Uhren abgesehen

Trick Thieves Target Watches

– Trick thieves are after watches This report surprised me a bit …


Police warn of intrusive perpetrators. Picture of the stolen „Raymond Weil“ clock on Saturday (20. 11.) , appeared at 12: 30 o’clock, an elderly man at the police station in Meerbusch and filed a complaint about one brazen theft. A stranger had stolen his watch from his wrist only about 10 minutes earlier. The complainant was riding his bicycle along Hermann-Unger-Allee in Meerbusch-Büderich when the woman spoke to him in bad German. She asked for directions and casually grabbed the senior’s wrist. Then suddenly she ran away and disappeared in the direction of the city park. Only shortly afterwards did the senior notice that his “Raymond Weil” watch was missing (picture attached). In the afternoon of the same day (20. 11.) A similar incident in Neuss. A man older than life told the police that he had been approached by an unknown woman in an underground car park on Weißenberger Weg. The suspect, who was about 25 to 30, spoke broken German and apparently asked about a place of work. Then the lady became very pushy and began to touch the older man. During the scramble that followed, the trickster tried to pull the watch off her victim’s wrist. When the senior struggled, the stranger fled to a waiting silver small car, which drove off immediately in the direction of Römerstrasse. The man from Neuss stated that the getaway car probably had foreign license plates. He described the unsuccessful perpetrator as about 155 to 160 centimeters small and strikingly pretty. The woman wore a headscarf, a shiny black quilted coat and mouth and nose protection. In the meantime, the criminal police have started investigations in both cases. Witness references to the wanted women or the stolen watch in Meerbusch (see photo) will be obtained from the detective office 02131 on the telephone number 02131 300 – 0 (act in Neuss) and by the criminal investigation department 23 (act in Meerbusch). . . How did you find the message ? Send us your opinion. Important links: Locksmith Düsseldorf & Locksmith Moers & Locksmith Meerbusch

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